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Action Levels - Action Level Types

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On the left of the Action Levels window is the Action Level Types pane where it is possible to edit or add new action level types to the RT_ACTION_LEVEL_TYPE table. Three example Action Level Types are Federal, State, and Local.

There are also three panes on the right: the Details pane, the Parameters pane, and the Available Parameters pane. 

Three tables are used to store the action level data and related data. These tables are (in parent-child order):

                                         RT_ACTION_LEVEL_TYPE > DT_ACTION_LEVEL > DT_ACTION_LEVEL_PARAMETER

The purpose of the Action Level tables can be described by type, set, and members of the set.

Type The RT_ACTION_LEVEL_TYPE table describes the type or nature of the action level being established (e.g., Federal).
Set The DT_ACTION_LEVEL table establishes a set of action levels (e.g., Federal Clean Water Act).
Members of the Set The DT_ACTION_LEVEL_PARAMETER table identifies the members of the DT_ACTION_LEVEL set (e.g., Benzene 0.5ppb)
Note: It is possible to set a fraction in the header of the action level as well as for each parameter. These can be set based on the desired output.

If the fraction is set to DT_ACTION_LEVEL, the level fraction will apply to all members of the group.

If the fraction is set to DT_ACTION_LEVEL_PARAMETER, the fraction will only apply to each individual analyte.

DT_ACTION_LEVEL is the parent of the set. Thus, DT_ACTION_LEVEL takes precedence over DT_ACTION_LEVEL_PARAMETER. 

Note: Action levels can now be exported from EQuIS and displayed in Time Series charts in EnviroInsite.

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