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Action Levels - Creating a New Action Level

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To add a new action level, first click on an Action Level Type. It is possible to either:

  • Click File and select New
  • Click the New button on the toolbar
  • Right-click and select New Action Level

A new Action Level will appear in the list of Action Levels and will be named Action Level [#].

Note: Special characters, such as commas, should not be included in the ACTION_LEVEL_CODE field since they will cause errors when generating related reports. As of EQuIS v6.3, a warning will notify you when special characters ("',|^) are entered in the ACTION_LEVEL_CODE field.

Action Level Form Enhancements:

  1. Column Chooser
  2. Filter
  3. Pin
  4. Find
  5. Add/Remove Parameters
  6. Sort A-Z Parameters
  7. Add new Action Level Type
  8. Parameter grid - Allows items to be horizontally or vertically displayed
  9. Start Day- Now able to type over or drop-down


1. The Action Level Maintenance screen now allows the option to filter based on the current facility.

2. The form that allows you to enter a new action level type (available from the Action Levels form in EQuIS Professional) will now prevent you from entering more than 20 characters for the type (i.e., RT_ACTION_LEVEL_TYPE.ACTION_LEVEL_TYPE), and 70 characters for the description (RT_ACTION_LEVEL_TYPE.ACTION_LEVEL_TYPE_DESC). 82507

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