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Action Levels Crosstab Adding Extra Rows

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When creating a Crosstab using an Action Level Exceedance Report, one analyte may be separated and displayed in multiple rows, if the following two conditions are met:

  1. The Exceedance Flag field is not populated in the original Action Level Exceedance Report (therefore only exceedances are returned in the report).
  2. There are multiple action levels and the analyte sometimes exceeds only one action level, and sometimes exceeds two (or more action levels). For example:

When the Action Level Exceedance Report is crosstabbed and the above crosstab is generated, two sets of results for a single analyte (in this case, Iron) are produced; those that exceed only action level A and those that exceed both A and B action levels.

The first set of results (that exceed only A) are not matched with action level B, because there was no such result in the Action Level Exceedance output (because they are not exceedances of action level B). Therefore, when the final crosstab is run, it creates two sets of row headers for Iron, the set of row headers that include results that exceed only action level A, and the set of row headers that include the results that exceed both A and B action levels.

The crosstab output shows only result values that are exceedances, because only exceedances were produced by the Action Level Exceedance Report.

(Beta) Action Level Exceedance - Display One Analyte Row with Multiple Action Levels

The (Beta) Action Level Exceedance reports now have the functionality to either display duplicate rows for multiple action levels, or only one row. This is possible by using the Flagging> Show Results report parameter of 'Show With Any Exceedance'. This allows the crosstab to display a single column or row for each chemical instead of one column or row for the results that exceed one Action Level, and another column or row for the results that exceed both Action Levels.

More information on these options are available in the Flagging|Show Results section in the article: Report - (Beta) Action Level Exceedance by Pick Report - Standard

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