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Professional - Admin - Separating a Facility from a Database

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The method for separating a facility out from an EQuIS database is highly dependent on the kinds of data present in the facility and what needs to be migrated over. There is a bit of an art to it.

Here are some options:

Export EDDs

  • This works best if all the data has been loaded via EDD previously, preferably a single format, and that format has Export functionality.
  • This is great for creating a 'portable' dataset in Excel format that can be easily distributed, if needed.
  • Start with the RefVals format export, then the main data EDD export.
  • There may be other data that needs to be exported and that may require additional formats, e.g. ActionLevels, GeologyEDD, ESBasic Results, Historical, WaterLevel...

The Facility Migration Tool

  • This is the quickest and simplest method, however, a little configuration of the migrate process may be needed, and care must be taken to ensure all objects are migrated over.
  • The help article Professional - Import - EQuIS Facility Migration contains resources on customizing the migration to skip tables, and an option to perform this using a SQL script in SQL Server Management Studio, allowing for more robust customizations.
Note: EQuIS Professional version 6.4.0 contained a bug in the Facility Migration Tool and should not be used for the facility migration. This has been addressed and the Facility Migration Tool can be used in version 6.4.1 or later.

Create a New Database Copy and Delete Unnecessary Facilities

  • The help article Database - Admin - Delete a Facility contains two (2) different methods to delete a facility.
  • You can perform a cascade delete on DT_FACILITY for facilities that are not needed. There may be many errors that occur due to related records, however it is possible to resolve these as shown in the article just mentioned, in Method 2.
  • Additionally, there is the  esp_delete_facility procedure which is explained in Method 1 of the article.

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