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EQuIS Schema Connection License

Keywords: schema license, connection license, EnviroInsite, EI, K'Nect, third party connection

As described in the Acceptable Use Notices, the EQuIS database schema is intellectual property protected by a license agreement. As such, any connection to an EQuIS database may only be established by a properly licensed end user.

The new EQuIS K'Nect feature in EnviroInsite 2014 requires an EQuIS Schema Connection license for each end user. Before using the EQuIS K'Nect functionality, the user must add EQuIS Schema Connection licenses to their database. These licenses are included in the original EQuIS purchase, but will require an additional license key (Portfolio license key quantity = Enterprise 6 ACALs). The EQuIS Schema Connection licenses (REG_ID = 15), may be applied using the standard software registration process. As with other licenses, the EQuIS Schema Connection license key only needs to be applied once per database (aka each individual end user does not need to obtain or apply their own license key).

Also, the Database Connection feature in EDGE v6.2+ requires access to the EQuIS Schema Connection license.