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Professional - Troubleshooting - System.OutOfMemoryException

Keywords: Pro, find and replace, large, saving, Excel, running report, run, 92474, 76654, 78161, 84922, hnm 15265

Affected Software/Reports/DLL(s): EQuIS Professional, EDP, EDGE, SPM

Affected Software Version: N/A


An Error of the type:

System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown...

may result during a number of operations such as:

  • Exporting a large dataset (Crosstab, data table, or report output) to Excel in the .xlsx format (not .xls, .csv or .txt)
  • Opening a very large table
  • Performing a Find and Replace or Remap on a large data set
  • Saving a large number of records to the database


This process may be hitting an OutOfMemory exception due to a memory shortage on the system, so the process is not completed. 


In order to reduce the likelihood of this error: 

  • When opening tables, use the 'Table' option in the drop-down in the Open Menu, then filter for a smaller data set. You can find more information here.
  • When exporting large crosstabs, update the XlsForceStyle setting in your config file to "Efficient", i.e. <add key="XlsForceStyle" value="Efficient" />. This requires EQuIS Professional v5.6.3 or greater or v5.6.2 using the hotfix found here.
  • If possible, when running reports, limit location and analyte selections.
  • Increase system RAM.
  • Run EQuIS as a 64-bit process.
  • Export to Text (instead of Excel) and then choose the *.csv option. Exporting to *.csv uses far less memory, (and is much faster), and the file still opens in Excel (assuming you have your operating system configured to open *.csv files with Excel).

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