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EDGE v5.7 - Feature - COC FTP Upload

Keywords: EDGE, FTP, COC

[How it works]

  • eCOCs can now be sent to any FTP server.
  • Supports both .xml and .xls formats.
  • Username, password and FTP URL are stored internally as a single FTP string. By storing it, this eliminates the need to retype authentication information every time you push eCOC files to a FTP server.
  • The FTP string is stored in the "rt_company.web_site" field.
  • The current format of the FTP string will be as follows:
    • ftp://[username]:[password]@[ftp-url-path]/
  • [username] is your username for the respective FTP server.
  • [password] is your password for the respective FTP server.
  • [ftp-url-path] is the FTP URL and directory
  • Files are automatically compressed into a .zip file before sending to the FTP server.