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SPM 6 - How To - Import RT_SPM_CONTAINER into Contract

Keywords: SPM, containters, importing into contracts, hnm 20048, fb 94084

The following article describes the steps necessary to import containers from RT table (RT_SPM_CONTAINER) into SPM Contract.

Step 1

In Main SPM form, click "Contracts" tool.

Step 2

Select an existing destination contract, or create a new one.

Step 3

Select Containers tab.

Step 4

Click "RT Import" tool.

A new form will be shown, listing available containers from RT table.

Step 5

Select RT Containers to import.

Step 6

Click "Import" button.

Note: If a Contract Container exists for a given RT Container, it will be denoted by having a 'Y' value in the 'In Contract' column. Any RT Container selected for import will be created independently from existing Contract Container, resulting in duplication.

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