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AOC - Area Of Concern -  A type of subfacility.

AT_ - Associative Table File - Contains data representing associations between items in other data tables. An example would be a person associated with multiple companies.

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BD - Blank Spike Duplicate - This is considered to be a sample type.

BLOB - Binary Large Object - File where databases may store information.

BS - Blank Spike - This is considered to be a sample type.

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CAS RN - Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number - a unique numeric identifier which refers to a chemical substance.

COC - Chain of Custody - Within EDGE, the COC Manager helps field crews manage sampling tasks.

CTP - Client Technology Preview - An EarthSoft site that assists with EQuIS auto-updates.

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DBO - Database Owner - A user indicated when loading data.

DMZ - DeMilitarized Zone - Areas outside of a firewall.

DMR - Discharge Monitoring Report - For measuring stream/surface water parameters.

DQM - Data Qualification ModuleWithin EQuIS, an instrument that allows users to make rapid assessments regarding the quality of their environmental data.


DT_ - Data Table File - A table in the EQuIS program files that contains information specific to one project. Examples might be well locations or water quality measurements.

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EDD - Electronic Data Deliverable - A data file (usually .xls, .csv, or .txt) used with a Format that places a particular data item in a particular column.

EDF - Electronic Deliverable Format - (similar to EDD – Analytical data within Geotracker)

EDGE - EQuIS Data Gathering Engine - An EarthSoft product designed with a comprehensive collection of field tools that facilitate accurate, complete data collection.

EDP - EQuIS Data Processor - One of EarthSoft's most popular EDD enforcement tools that checks data formats and valid values.

EIA - Environmental Information Agents - An EarthSoft tool in which an automatic report is generated and sent to a specific person. Criteria for the report are chosen by an administrator and set to automatically deploy at certain intervals. Used for "push" reports.

ERD - Entity Relationship Diagram - A picture of the EQuIS Schema and how table fields are related.

ELDC - Electronic Lab Data Checker -  Predecessor to EDP

eQAPP - electronic Quality Assurance Project Plan - Precursor to SPM.

EQuIS - Environmental Quality Information System - EarthSoft's main tool for managing large data sets and enforcing data integrity. The EQuIS output can be reports, tables, models or other forms of understanding the data.

ES - EarthSoft

EVS - Environmental Visualization System - Most popular product of the C Tech Development Corporation.  It integrates with EQuIS.

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FB - Field Blank - This is a sample type.

FD - Field Duplicate - A sample type maintained in the rt_sample_type table.


FR - Field Replicate - A sample type maintained in the rt_sample_type table.


FTP - File Transfer Protocol - A common digital language used by networks to transfer files between two hosts.


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IDEF - Intelligent Data Entry Form - Precursor to EDGE.

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LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System -

lnapl - light non-aqueous phase liquids - A group of organic substances that are relatively insoluble in water and are less dense than water, often used in the Water Levels Report.

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MAG - Method Analyte Group - used in Sample Planning Module details.

MDAC - Microsoft Data Access Components - A collection of Microsoft based technologies that aide in the development of applications and often use SQL, JET, and ActiveX.

MB - Method Blank - Method (or procedural) blanks are prepared in the laboratory using the same reagents, solvents, glassware, and equipment as the field samples and accompany the field samples through analysis. Method blanks serve as a means to measure contamination associated with laboratory processing and analysis.

MS - Lab Matrix Spike - Sample Type

MVS - Mining Visualization System - Flagship product of C Tech Development Corporation.  It integrates with EQuIS.

.msi - Microsoft Installer file extension - A software component file that contains installation information including installation packages.

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N - Normal - Sample Type

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PAHs - Poly-Aromatic Hydrobcarbons - Analyte of Concern

PCBs - PolyChlorinated Biphenyls - Analyte of Concern

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QA- Quality Assessment - A process used to ensure product standards.

QC - Quality Control - The process in meeting set guidelines for a product.

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RB - Material Rinse Blank - Sample Type

RC - Release Candidate - Functional but not finished release of software.

RT_ - Reference Table File - a table in the EQuIS program files that contains general information or reference values such as a lookup list. Examples are analytes and units, and these often are in a pull down list. These are useful to ensure consistency across projects in areas such as spelling.

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SCLA - Source Code (& Data Model) License Agreement - An agreement between EarthSoft and one of its clients that allows for the acquisition and use of source code files.

SDG - Sample Delivery Group - A group composed of samples taken during a specific time frame.

SE - System Engineer - An EarthSoft staff member that is primarily responsible for a specific client.

SOP - Standard Operating Procedure - The guidelines to follow for a certain topic.

SPM - Sample Planning Module - An EarthSoft product designed as an automated planning tool that facilitates completion of future sampling events.

ST_ - System Table File - A Table in the EQuIS Program Files.

SWMU - Solid Waste Management Unit - A type of subfacility.

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TB - Trip Blank - Sample Type

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UST - Underground Storage Tank - A small project typically involving one storage tank below ground level.

UTM - Universal Transverse Mercator - A position on the Earth is referenced in the UTM system by the UTM longitude zone, the projected distance of the position from the central meridian – called the easting – and the projected distance of the point from the equator – called the northing.

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VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds - Analyte of Concern

VVL - valid value list - The values that are contained in the EQuIS reference tables. EDP calls these .rvf files reference value field.

VW_ - Data View File - A table in the EQuIS Program Files.

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.xsd - XML Schema Definition - A file type used in EQuIS that contains the relational information of the associated tables in the database.

.xse - an encrypted .xsd file - An encrypted version of the .xsd to protect important relational information.

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"Z" - When dealing with EQuIS database, there isn't a "Z" coordinate (variable); there are variables concerning depth, elev, etc. When we talk about a variable called "Z", it is specifically for GIS, ArcView, etc. and in those programs "Z" refers to elevation; when EQuIS references this "Z" it is called surf_elev.

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