3D Annotation
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3D Annotation

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3D text labels can be added for any point, line, polygon, or multipatch layer by setting the properties for the labels using the EQuIS for ArcGIS 3D Label toolbar. Labels can be created for an entire layer using any of the text attribute fields in the layer, at a user-specified font size, color, and face. Labels can be added or edited individually from using the two left-most tools on the toolbar. Labels can be saved and loaded to a file using the Label Options menu, located on the right-side of the toolbar.

Additionally, for point layers rendered with either a single symbol (default) class breaks renderer, or with a unique value renderer (such as the initial mapping of the DT_LOCATION table), the normal square or circle point features shown will be displayed using a character based marker, virtually identical to what you see in ArcMap.

  • This is done using similar logic that will be used in ArcGIS 3D Analyst 9.0 for symbology , which will extend beyond this basic implementation; however, this gives users a significant increase in visual quality of their point features in 3D until that time.
  • Multi-layer marker symbols are supported, as well as billboarding of these marker symbols. Halos set on the labels are not duplicated by default, but can be added using the 3D label toolbar. Click the 'Labels' menu on the toolbar to access these additional properties.
  • To disable this feature, from the EQuIS for ArcGIS user options dialog, under the Interfaces section. Select ArcScene, and uncheck the item 'Use character-based symbols for 3D points'