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EDGE - Operating System and Device Support

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EDGE is designed for use both in the office (on desktop or laptop computers) and in the field (on tablet PCs, netbooks or other field-ready laptops).

Operating Systems

EDGE currently runs on Windows XP, Tablet XP, VISTA, Windows 7, and all Windows 8 versions except RT. 

When selecting an OS, it is important to consider other software that may run on the field computer in addition to EDGE. Make sure current datalogger software, logging apps, and Microsoft Excel also run on the field PC that is chosen for EDGE. 

Microsoft .NET Requirements

When EDGE starts, it will check for the required Microsoft .NET Framework. If  it is not found, a warning prompt will appear and a download link to install the Framework will be provided.


1. EDGE 5.x requires .NET Framework 3.5 or higher.

2. EDGE 6.x requires .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

How to determine if you already have the correct .NET Framework version installed:

  1. Click Start on the Windows desktop
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Double-click Add or Remove Programs
  4. When that window appears, search the list of applications for the appropriate version of the Microsoft .NET Framework. If listed, the version is already installed and does not need to be installed again.

Other Operating System Support

When devices that run iOS become more field ready, EarthSoft will work to provide support for those devices. 


Non-Rugged Devices:

If EDGE is running in the office or car, then a non-rugged device can be purchased. Prices can range from a few hundred to several hundred dollars, depending on the model and where purchased. We recommend that the device meets these two (2) criteria:

  1. Minimum 2GB
  2. Windows 7+ OS

Rugged Devices:

If EDGE is going to be used in an outdoor environment, we recommend that the device used meets at least four (4) criteria:

       1. Daylight Readable Display (very important)
       2. IP54 Compliance for Dust and Water Protection
       3. Compliant with MIL-STD-810F ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIL-STD-810)
       4. Battery life

Some rugged tablets that are used by EarthSoft clients in the field:


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