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Report - Google Earth Basic Results (XYZ Plot) - Standard

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Report Name:                                Google Earth Basic Results (XYZ Plot)

Report Type:                                  Standard


The Google Earth output, which shows a table when clicking on a location, has been improved for readability by adding color to alternative rows.

This report is computationally intensive, and interpolates a unique grid for each parameter and date. For example, a site may have only 100 different records, but 25 different dates. In this case the report would interpolate 25 different grids, and potentially consume vast system resources. Please also note that there are limitations to the size and complexity of KML/KMZ files supported in Google Earth. Selecting too many parameters and/or too large a date range may result in the following message:

"Report did not generate output. Please try again.
Please reduce the number of parameters and/or dates to be contoured (params=P,dates=D)"
where P = the number of input parameters, and D = the number of input dates.


  1. EQuIS Google Earth Reports do not actually require or directly use Google Earth or any other Google service, the reports merely create KML (*.kml, *.kmz) files. Some of the charts are created using Google Charts (by sending individual data points for the chart).
  2. Other applications besides Google Earth (such as ArcGIS Explorer) can read *.kml files. EQuIS reports have not been tested extensively with anything other than Google Earth.
  3. An EQuIS license does not provide legal license or permission to use Google Earth. The end-user is responsible to make sure he/she is using Google Earth legally.

Submission of Content Warning

File Name:                                        EarthSoft.Interfaces.Google

Contact for a direct file link.

Language:                                        English

Input Parameters:                       A selection you make to customize the output of a report.

Input Parameters Input Parameter Screenshot Output
Saved Basic Results Report Google Maps
Grid Size/Resolution
Number of Palette Steps

Note: * refers to hidden parameters.

Tables:                                            ST_USER_REPORT

DB Type:                                         ORACLE and SQL

DB Schema:                                   Standard (no custom or add-on schemas required)

DB Version:                                   EQuIS 5.4.3 or later

Data Requirements:                  Coordinates in lat long

Report Requirements:             Google Earth

Output Type:                                Google Earth or .kmz

Example Output:

View the following example or download the attachment.

Contact for more information.

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